Spring Rain, Snowpack, Streams and Emergencies…

Photo credit NRCS, 1964 near Augusta
With the upcoming spring storm predicted, I just want to remind everyone that there are avenues to take action in an emergency to keep you out of trouble with permitting agencies.
With the Conservation District, if life, crops or property are in immediate danger, action can be taken and an emergency notice should be filed with the CD within 15 days of doing the work. Photos before and after will be very helpful this year with the limits on contact with others.  Please know that a permit may be required to do further work that may be required to mitigate damages from work done in emergency situations. 
Contact other permitting agencies for their emergency notification requirements.
If you are a landowner and you have a stream project that you’d like to start, don’t forget to get a permit from the Conservation District and any other agencies as appropriate.
Other permitting agencies include the Lewis & Clark County Floodplain, US Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation (for those on Canyon Ferry Reservoir), possibly DNRC’s Navigable Rivers folks.
For more information, see our Stream Permitting page.