Land Stewardship–Caring for your piece of heaven!

In 2017, the CD decided to run a series of articles in our newsletter The Explorer in regard to stewardship.  Below you will find clickable links to those articles.

Stewardship Part 1

Stewardship Part 2-Grazing

Stewardship Part 3-Cropland

Stewardship Part 4-Forestry

We work with large acreage landowners as well as small acreage landowners.  All have similar concerns, it’s generally just a matter of scale.  In 2017, we began collaborating with the Lewis & Clark County Weed District, the Lewis & Clark County Water Quality Protection District and the Helena NRCS Field Office on an outreach campaign to smaller acreage landowners.  As part of that project, we created a document with some general resource information. You can view the presentation in PDF form.


In addition to these articles we have the following technical resource information:

An additional resource for landowners or organizations, there’s a website that has a lot of the different programs available outlined in one place!  The Montana Conservation Menu is a website that shows the different grant and program organizations and the types of projects you can potentially receive funding for.  We encourage you to check it out!

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