Elk Creek Road Update

Lewis and Clark County has no plans to move the road at this time or do additional work to the roadway.  The berms built are within the County’s 60’ right-of-way.  The purpose was to ‘nudge’ the stream back to the south, away from the road.  This approach was selected as it was the only way the Army Corps of Engineers would grant a permit to move the water off the road.  The work was solely done to restore access to areas west of the EK5 bridge.  The County sees it as temporary because the creek will likely flood again and potentially wipe out what has been done. 

More permanent solutions are being investigated, but the County does not intend to move the road.   The possibility of moving it was looked at from an engineering feasibility standpoint only, not as a true design option.  Extensive conversations with landowners would take place before moving the road would be seriously considered.  In looking at options for permanent repairs, assessment will continue on how to possibly build the road in a more resilient way that is compatible with the new stream dynamics.