Flood Information Needed


The program that was utilized in 2018’s Augusta flood event was through the Farm Service Agency, federal funds. There is a possibility that they will be able to do another sign up, but it’s not assured.  Please contact the Helena FSA office at 406-449-5000 ext. 2 to let them know about losses of fencing etc. and also livestock losses (livestock losses within 30 days).

The Conservation District is working with the State of Montana to try to find some disaster funding as well as the Disaster and Emergency Services people at the County to try to tie into the FEMA program. There will be teams in the Augusta area soon to look at damage and we’re hoping to tie a request into that program for the agriculture folks. Which means that we need your best estimates of they type of loss and the cost of that loss as soon as possible.

We are also planning to revisit an assessment on Elk Creek that was done in 2011, and have a new one done this summer, to try to address overflow channels and the stream issues up and downstream from Augusta, which we hope will lead to a grant at the next legislative session to look at long term projects to address flood issues.

Please, get me your information for the 2019 event: Fences, stockwater tanks or pipelines, irrigation headgates, diversion structures, bridges, roads, culverts, cropland, pasture/grazing land, calving sheds, corrals etc. Pictures, cost estimates etc.

Email me at lccd@mt.net, call me at 406-449-5000 x5, mail information to LCCD, 790 Colleen Street, Helena MT 59601.