Flood Awareness at EVMS!

Calm before chaos
The Calm Before the Chaos

Since the spring of 2008, the Lewis & Clark Conservation District has worked with area agencies to bring Flood Awareness to the East Valley Middle School.  What began with a parent visit during an open house in the fall of 2007, turned into a 9 year commitment to education.

Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Lewis & Clark County Disaster and Emergency Services, and the Water Quality Protection District helped with planning efforts that first year and in subsequent years.  This year, we missed the East Helena Volunteer Fire Department, but had great presentations from DNRC’s Michelle Phillips (floodplain), USGS’ Kimberly Schierenbeck (Cubic Foot of Water), DNRC’s David Martin (Rolling River Trailer), WQPD’s Jim Wilbur (Groundwater Flow Model), Montana Department of Agriculture’s Carol Bearden and Kim Antonick (Invasive Species), Fish Wildlife and Parks’ Eric Roberts (Fish), Lewis & Clark Conservation District’s Ashley Rivero (Blue Beads of the Missouri River), and DES’ Paul Spengler (How to Sandbag).

This year’s event started with some questionable weather.  We lucked out and had sun and clouds in the morning, but were able to wrap up before the kids had lunch and the rain was supposed to start!  We plan to return to EVMS in the Spring of 2017 for our 10th year working with Flood Awareness.



Dave Martin, DNRC, Rolling River Trailer
RRT Close
Demonstration of importance of willows and other vegetation
RRT RipRap
Demonstration of expense and questionable effectiveness of rip-rap
GH2O Model
Groundwater Flow Model
The Competition
The chaos of the sandbag wall competition
Lewis & Clark Conservation District’s Ashley Rivero discussing watersheds, tributaries, and snowpack.