Area Meeting time

Area 6 of the Montana Association of Conservation Districts had their annual Area meeting yesterday in White Sulphur Springs.  It was a beautiful day, a bit breezy, but not bad.  

Districts came together to discuss the business of their area:  proposed by-laws changes for MACD, reports from the various Government organizations including Natural Resource Conservation Service, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Department of Environmental Quality, Fish Wildlife and Parks, Montana Salinity Control Association and others.  The Galt Ranch provided beef for the mid-day meal, “Wagyu beef”.

There were only 2 resolutions, Floodplain Resolution and the other on Priority Resource Concerns and how they tie in with NRCS funding to Field Offices.  The first one passed, unfortunately the 2nd one did not.  We will likely be bringing the 2nd one back to the table a year from now.  If you are interested in either of the resolutions please let me know.  We are extremely disappointed that the 2nd resolution did not pass at the area meeting and believe that it was due to confusion on the process as well as the discussion that happened.