April 9, 2020 Board meeting

As noted in last week’s meeting notice, the April 9 board meeting will take place via conference call.

To call in, dial 1-888-575-2051.  No PIN is needed.  PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE UNLESS YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE MEETING.   But please DO announce yourself so that adequate minutes can be taken.

Please bear with us as this will likely be a rather awkward way of doing business.    

If you would like to provide comments on anything contained in the meeting notice, or the March meeting minutes, or if you would like to provide a report, please consider doing so via email to lccd@mt.net, or by mail at 790 Colleen Street, Helena MT, 59601.  You may also call the CD number as it is forwarded to my cell phone. 

April Meeting Packet

Additional Meeting reports