We are fortunate enough to be able to obtain publications from a wide variety of sources for land management.  Below are links to various websites however we have an even larger variety of pamphlets, guides, video’s, and demonstrations that you may find of interest so please stop by the Conservation District or give us a call so we can mail you information.

  • Xeriscaping : A sustainable method for landscaping.
  • Weed Management : Full website to images and information regarding weeds.
  • Small Acreage Landowner Tips:
    • MSU Big Sky Small Acres : As more people make Montana their home, traditional ranches and farms are being divided into smaller acreage lots. Big Sky Small Acres Magazine is a published by MSU Extension three times per year for those landowners, and anyone else looking for information and education on the natural resource issues they face as they care for their land.
    • MSU Small Acreage : Living on the Land 2001 — Stewardship of Small Acreages Teaching Modules. These modules are designed to assist people in teaching small acreage landowner seminars. Each module contains information about various exercises and includes PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded.
    • Tips on Land & Water Management for Small Farms & Ranches in Montana : Conservation values, property goals, weed control, soils, irrigation, grazing, water pollution, riparian areas, wildlife, and conservation.
  • Stream Permitting :  If you are planning to do work on or near a waterway in Montana, one or several permits may be required. Conservation districts, along with participating agencies, created a Joint Application Form to help reduce the number of application forms that you need to complete to get your permits. We hope that in addition to reducing paperwork, the use of the form will increase coordination and streamline the permitting process.
  • Licenses and Permits: DNRC issues licenses and permits for a variety of activities. This page contains the most-requested items from each division.
  • 310-Permits: Notices of proposed project must be submitted on the joint application for proposed work on streams to the conservation district in which the activity will take place.
  • Stream Permitting BookMontana Stream Permitting: A Guide for Conservation District Supervisors and Others is a publication developed to assist conservation districts and agencies in reviewing stream project.
  • Septic Systems : Tools, pamphlets, and video’s can be distributed to better assist with the understanding of your septic system.
  • Water Rights : A link to venture into the world of water rights, what they are, what they entail, and what your rights are.