District Planning

In addition to the Local Work Group, every year the Board of Supervisors reviews the Annual Plan of Operations and makes changes as they see fit for the next calendar year.  Encompassing the District’s Land, People, Water and Plant resources, the document is a picture of where the Supervisors would like to focus their efforts, time and funds for the year and how those priorities tie into the Conservation District’s annual budget.

2019 APO

2018 APO

2017 Report

The Local Work Group

The Board of Supervisors convenes the Local Work Group–usually annually–to help them determine priorities for natural resources in the county and this aids the NRCS in prioritizing their funding needs for the County.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

We seek input from other governmental organizations, landowners and managers, recreators and anyone else who would like to give some feedback on resource needs.  We feel that it’s important to look at the potential projects that come in the door at the Helena Field Office and use those land owner needs to adjust the priority resource concerns.  

NRCS funding is divvied out at the Area level to the Field Offices, percentages are based on land use percentages, once contracts are approved.  While NRCS has the final say over funding, the CD believes that it’s important to recognize the actual resource needs in the county, regardless of what NRCS does with their funding. The Local Work Group meeting is usually held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Conservation District meeting.

2019 Local Work Group Minutes

2018 Local Work Group Minutes

2017 Local Work Group Minutes

2016 Local Work Group Minutes

2015 Local Work Group Minutes

2014 Local Work Group Minutes