We work with education projects in schools, hosting grants for education and project oriented programs.  Below are a list of a few of the areas we work with to help the schools:

  • Mini grants for water quality testing supplies (Helena High School).
  • Mini grant to assist in planting a native garden (Helena High School).
  • Mini grant for educational materials on water quality and soil health concerns
  • Assistance (not a grant, donation to the school) for community garden supplies (East Valley Middle School).P1000893
  • Grant to get the annual Flood Awareness Day started.
  • Direct assistance in staff time to keep Flood Awareness Day running.
  • 223 Grant from DNRC to keep the Rolling Rivers Trailers maintained.
  • Direct support for the Envirothon teams every year for Helena High School and Capital High School.
  • Work on the Local Advisory Council at the new East Helena High School for the Career Technical Education Programs.




In addition we work with state and federal legislators on issues that are important to our landowners.  Annually we conduct workshops which range in classes conducted by professionals ranging from noxious weeds, permitting, construction, water quality, and more in between.  Below is a list of some of the specific education opportunities we have provided to landowners.  If there is anything you would like to learn about and you do not it see listed, we want to learn too, and if you have a question the chances are so do your neighbors, so please contact the Conservation District and let us know what you like to learn about as a landowner.

  • Workshops on weed control, grazing management, watersheds.
  • Direct support to Lake Helena Watershed group for the Lake Helena Watershed Festival.
  • Direct support to the Montana Biological Weed Control group for education and outreach for use of insects to treat invasive species.
  • Cover Crop/Soil Health workshops (223 Grant) for demonstration project in the Helena Valley.
  • 223 grant to assist MACD with publication of their newsletter before it went electronic only.
  • 223 grant to assist the Lake Helena Watershed Group with riparian plantings.
  • 223 grant to assist the Augusta School purchase compasses and a GPS unit.
  • DNRC grant to host the Winter Grazing Seminar.