Always check with the Conservation District prior to planning/starting a project in or near a stream.  Permits may be required!!!

          An incredibly effective and beneficial Best Management Practice (BMPs) for your water front property is in the stream management zone (SMZ).   Protecting your streams directly correlates to increased water quality.

          Stream banks and riparian vegetation are important to the function and stability of the surrounding land, lakes, creeks, and streams, and all species that rely on water.    When dealing with erosion, realize that it is due to a number of factors such as meanders, high bedload transport rates, lack of riparian vegetation, increased flow, extreme events, scours, channel alterations upstream, road encroachments,  and heavy grazing.  Below are links discussing some methods used to help protect your land and water.  If you have any further questions please contact the Lewis & Clark Conservation District.

Bank and Riparian Vegetation

Beaver Dams

Engineering Methods

Flood Control

Livestock Grazing in Riparian Areas


Woody Debris

Project Before & After


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