Stream Permitting and Emergencies

I’m starting to get some phone calls, especially from the northern part of the county.  Emergencies can be taken care of with the paperwork filed after the fact.  That form is the Emergency Notice.  If you have a bigger project, like a bridge, we’re probably looking at having some between meeting meetings just to handle stuff that needs a quicker turnaround.  Those are taken care of with the 310 Permit Application Form.  There are instructions that go with that application form.  Please read them first if you have questions, but feel free to call or email the office, 406-449-5000 ext. 112 or lccd@mt.net.  Rule of thumb for us is apply for what you WANT to do and we’ll work out the details as we go along.

In situations like we’re looking at, photos are extremely helpful so that we can determine what the site looks like.  Emailed forms are fine, especially for those of you who are cut off from the mail system at the moment.  Stay safe and take care, the water will go down soon!  This process can take some time, so we thank you for your patience!