Flooding is nothing new…

Unfortunately for those affected, flooding in Lewis & Clark County is nothing new.  Current flooding is devastating to those who are being affected and according to the Independent Record, experts expect that the Tenmile Creek flooding could last another month.

1964 comes to mind as the big flood year in the county.   Below there is a photo of the Sun River from 1964 (credit H.E. Alexander, Soil Conservation Service).  Next to it is an aerial photo of Tenmile Creek flooding, showing first a lot less development!  And second Rossiter School for reference.  This photos dates to the 1975 flood.  The far right photo shows the same general area in 1981.  The final photo is a more current “aerial” from Google Maps showing the same general area as the 1975 photo.  It doesn’t show current flooding, but it does show some of the development since 1975 which can exacerbate any flooding that happens.

Be safe out there people!