Is it going to be another 2011???

With snowpack at a high percentage, the fear now amongst emergency responders and natural resource professionals is that we are going to have spring flooding.  High temperatures are projected to be in the 30’s and 40’s for the 10 day forecast for the Helena area and even the lows are in the high teens to the 30’s.

If you live near small streams, large streams or even “dry” drainages, you may very well see some flooding, depending on how the snowpack starts to go off.

Please be prepared!  If you are in the vicinity of a perennial stream, please be aware that the Conservation District is state mandated to do permitting on any projects that will affect those perennial streams.  In the event of flooding, there are emergency provisions in place.  Please see our “Stream Permitting” page for more information.  If you can access culverts (if they aren’t buried in snow/ice) please be sure to make sure they’re not blocked with debris.  Consider getting sandbags in the event of flooding.  Think about what you’ll do in the event that basements or crawl spaces flood, or that your normal route home crosses a stream or two.

If you, or someone you know, needs the EMERGENCY NOTICE form, please fill out the front page with clear indications of work completed to address the emergency and get it in to the Conservation District Office within 15 days of doing the work.  Photographs are particularly helpful, since they can rule out the need to do an onsite inspection if they document work done effectively.

Please contact the Conservation District Office at 406-449-5000 ext. 112 or via email at lccd@mt.net if you have ANY questions about permitting, and contact the county DES administrator