Job Opening-Meagher Conservation District

Meagher County District Technician


Duties and responsibilities:

Work directly with landowners to initiate and implement conservation practices, prepare reports for funding agencies and provide monthly reports to the Meagher County Conservation District. The district technician will assist in completing land surveys, forest and range inventories and write conservation plans in accordance with NRCS specifications; stake out and measure completed conservation practices; ensure conservation practices are completed according to standards and specifications; assist in recommending and designing conservation practices. Publicize conservation efforts in cooperation with NRCS district conservationist and other district staff through news articles, demonstrations, tours, etc. The district technician will work in cooperation with the district and NRCS office staff. The position is under direct supervision of the Board of Supervisors, but day to day activities may be supervised by the NRCS District Conservationist. Some time will be spent working for the Lewis and Clark Conservation District out of the Helena office. This position is funded for one year, additional funding may be sought after one year.

Salary & Benefits:

-Starting salary ($33,000-40,000) dependent on level of experience/education -Paid Holidays -Annual Leave -Sick Leave -Health Insurance stipend $500/month -Retirement (MT PERS)


Requirements of the position: -Experience in natural resources/agriculture/farming operations, and/or college education in natural resources/agriculture -Computer experience in word processing, spreadsheets, ArcGIS, and the ability to learn computer programs necessary to perform the job outlined -Become familiar with NRCS field office technical guide for conservation practice specifications. -Must have good verbal and writing skills -Have good organizational skills and be able to work independently -Must have a valid driver’s license -Experience with operating equipment is required -The physical ability to lift 50 pounds, and to walk in rough terrain -Perform other related duties as requested by the district board


To Apply

To apply please submit a resume that includes references and provide written response to following:

Please provide your practical knowledge of soil and water conservation methods, techniques, measures, and agricultural operations sufficient to choose conservation practices

Please share your Knowledge and skills collecting and analyzing natural resource data such as surveying land elevations, determining rangeland health and productivity, measuring forest stand height, diameter, density and species composition.  

Provide your knowledge or background in agriculture and or natural resource management.


Please send material to by March 13th 2018. If mailing please have postmarked by March 13th and mail to Jenney Paddock, PO box 589, White Sulphur Springs MT 59645. Email preferred.

For questions please contact: Jenney Paddock 406-547-3633 ext 101 or