Ranching For Rivers-Cost Share Program


The Missouri River Conservation Districts Council (MRCDC) and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana (SWCDM), have announced that another round of funding is available through the Ranching for Rivers program. Ranching for Rivers is a cost-share program to help ranchers with riparian pasture/fencing projects. This current round of funding will be focused on projects east of the Continental Divide (Missouri and Yellowstone River Basins), but applications from other areas will be considered. Projects have to be completed by September 30th, 2017 to be eligible for cost-share. Additional rounds of funding are anticipated to be available in July of 2017 with later end dates and different focus areas. 

The purpose of the program is to provide landowners with the needed resources to voluntarily construct fences and/or other infrastructure (crossings, water gaps, etc.) that enable them to better manage the riparian resources on their land. To accomplish this purpose, Ranching for Rivers has secured a grant that provides $45,000 in cost-share for landowners to construct riparian pastures to benefit their operation and its natural resources. The cost-share is designed to cover up to 50% of the cost of fence or constructions (up to a maximum allowable cost defined on the application) and can be paired with other funding sources to further reduce the out-of-pocket cost to landowners. Unlike EQIP, landowners do not have to financially qualify for the assistance.

A simple application describing the proposed project is all that will be required to evaluate projects. Although no monitoring is required under this round of funding, before and after pictures are encouraged to demonstrate the value of the projects and their benefit to the riparian resources, and to support continued funding for the Program. The timeline to have this first round of funds spent is very tight, so priority will be given to projects that are already in the planning and preparation phases. For more information on this program, contact Rachel Frost (mrcdc@macdnet.org; 406-454-0056).

Please submit completed applications to:

Teresa Wilhelm, Judith Basin Conservation District             Teresa.wilhelm@mt.nacdnet.net

or mail to

Judith Basin Conservation District
Attn: Teresa Wilhelms
121 Central Ave
Stanford, MT 59479

The first round of application reviews will begin April 10th and continue until all funds have been disbursed. Get your application in early to be considered!