Tree Ordering Time!!!!

Caragana shelterbelt planted in Teton County in the early 1960’s. Credit, Chris Evans


Fall brings with it the time to order trees for spring planting!  Lewis & Clark Conservation District used to have a program that they ran via a nursery in North Dakota, but after a few years of bad experiences, we have opted to go with working out of the DNRC Conservation Seedling Nursery in Missoula.

Because of the minimums required for ordering, another alternative is to submit the order to the County Extension office where they’ll bundle your order together with other smaller orders.

All of the trees come in the spring, usually in April, and will be delivered to the Fairgrounds in Helena unless other arrangements are made.

Remember when planning a windbreak, distances are important, as is locating well, septic, water lines and other information.  Plan on watering your trees often at least for the first few years.  Drawing or printing a map of your property showing buildings and other features can be helpful.  Conservation District staff is happy to help with planting plans and species selection.

Species selection for our area can be tricky.  The Conservation District has good experience on species that should work well for you and so does the County Extension office.  Please give us a call if you need information.


Current inventory and order forms can be found here.  For more information on planning a windbreak, some good sources are:  and