Encouraging Pollinators

bee-629166_1280One of the best things that we as land managers–big and small acreages!–can do to increase the health of our pollinators such as honey bees, is to plant species that they utilize and survive on.  The Natural Resource Conservation Service is introducing the Honey Bee Pollinator Initiative to help promote practices that are pollinator friendly.  The attached Fact Sheet lists species that are appropriate.  If you are interested in incorporating these practices into your land management, please contact the NRCS Field Office in your area.  The NRCS Field Office for Lewis & Clark County is in Helena at 790 Colleen Street, 59601.  You can call the Field Office at 406-449-5000 ext. 3 or the Conservation District at 406-449-5000 ext. 112 for more information.  Cost share may be available whether you’re an agricultural producer or not.